Lunch Info

What is Food Services?

Food Service is responsible for any meal prepared within the school. The daily goal is providing everyone who is served with an appetizing and nutritionally adequate meal.

What's for lunch?

A lunch meal calendar is posted a month in advance on bulletin boards in the school and on this website.

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What is Mosaic?

Mosaic is a Point of Service lunch counting and payment system used by the school's Food Service. It is for all students regardless of payment type - cash, reduced lunch program or free lunch program.. Even teachers and staff members may set up accounts. One of the major advantages is the elimination of lunch tickets. This way all students are privately identified within the computer system as CASH, PREPAID, REDUCED or FREE participants.

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Making it easy with Mosaic's MySchoolBucks

That's right you can set up your child's lunch account and forget about making another manual payment! With scheduled payment options you can customize your account to work for you while keeping your child's account from running out of money.

  • Create a payment schedule to automatically add money to the account when it hits a certain balance or
  • Set up a recurring payment which automatically funds the account on the day/week/month specified by you

Can I restrict or manage my child's food purchases?

The school's Food Services partners with families to ensure that their wishes are met in regard to their children's lunch and a la carte purchases. Parents have the ability to request messages appear on the screen for the food service worker as the child enters his/her code. Below is a sampling of current messages that are used by some families:

  • No a la carte allowed unless student pays cash.
  • Lunch of day only.
  • A la carte only permitted on Wednesday.
  • Type 1 Diabetic - ask if he/she has been to see the nurse.
  • Snack sales on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.

If you would like one of the above messages or any other message can be added to your child's account

What is a free and reduced lunch?

The National School Lunch Act provides reduced-price or free lunches to students based on family income and size. Eligibility is determined via an application process which parents complete and submit each year.

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Each student in is responsible for his/her Mosaic account. The recommended procedure is to pay in advance for the amount your child may normally spend in one month. If the student balance is getting low, we will inform them on the lunch line. Plus for all students an email or a letter will be sent home.

The procedure concerning accounts with negative balances is as follows: When a negative balance exceeds $5.00, the student will not be able to take the lunch of his or her choice. A peanut butter sandwich and milk will be offered and charged to the student account. If the student has a peanut allergy, an American cheese sandwich will be available. In order for each student to be able to choose the meal they prefer, parents must maintain a positive balance in the student account. Also, if there is any negative balance at any time, students will not be permitted to charge "extras."


Please note that Mosaic is confidential. Each student must enter a PIN regardless of meal status or payment option, thus ensuring their privacy. Please impress to your child the confidentiality of their PIN and they should share it with no one. This ensures only your child is spending the funds you provided.

ATTN: Food Services
Center Woods Elementary School
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Name: Robin Fitzgerald
Phone: 603-529-7555