Listening Activities

String Instruments

Listen to this beautiful example of string instruments with piano. Can you identify the instruments? Describe the music to a family member or friend. What were the dynamics like? (loud or soft). Did they change or stay the same? How about the tempo? (fast and slow). How did the music make you feel? If you were watching a movie, what would be taking place? Did you like the music?

The Listening Walk

The Listening Walk by Paul Showers

This story is called "The Listening Walk". A young girl, her dad and her dog take a walk without talking, so they can hear the sounds around them.

Think about the many sounds that you hear during the day. Take a walk with a family member, or sit quietly and listen.

Can you describe the sounds you hear? How were they made? (Machines? Animals? People? Nature?)

Music and sounds are everywhere!

listening log

Start a listening log.

Choose a song that you like to listen to.

  • Write down the name and the artist.
  • What are the words about? Why do you like this music?
  • Describe the mood - does it sound happy or sad? Or something else?
  • Describe the dynamics - is it loud or soft? Do the dynamics change?
  • Describe the tempo - is it fast or slow? Does the tempo change?
  • What instruments do you hear? Are there any singers?
  • Draw a picture that goes along with the music.

How many instruments in a quintet? Listen to the Canadian Brass play a lovely piece, outside by the water. See if you can identify each of their instruments.

Sit back and enjoy the music!

Music Scavenger Hunt

There’s music all around us!

Look around your home to see what you can find.

(Be sure to ask an adult before playing any of your new instruments.)

Find something that.

  1. Makes a HIGH sound
  2. Makes a LOW sound
  3. Makes a LOUD sound
  4. Makes a SOFT sound
  5. Moves FAST
  6. Moves SLOW
  7. You can SHAKE to make a sound
  8. You can SCRAPE or RUB to make a sound
  9. You can tap that is made out of METAL
  10. You can tap that is made out of WOOD

BONUS: Make up a song using your new instruments!

Percussion Instruments

These performers, who are playing percussion instruments, are very busy, and often play more than one instrument! Sit back and enjoy!

Woodwind Instruments

Listen to a fun story about a young boy named Farkle McBride. He loves music and learns how to play a number of instruments in the orchestra. Eventually, he becomes a conductor so he can hear all the musicians playing together. Do you know what a conductor does?