Data Privacy and Security

Why Data Privacy Matters

All of the SAU 24 stakeholders, teachers, employees, administrators and school board members play an important role in protecting student privacy.  With the constant evolution of new online educational apps and tools that can enhance teaching and learning, it is more important than ever that the district take steps to ensure that our students' data and privacy is adequately protected when using online educational resources. It is our responsibility to protect student data from any unauthorized use or collection.

In order to protect student data and privacy, it is important that the district evaluates all 3rd party online educational applications and tools used by students to ensure their terms of use and privacy agreements meet the legal requirements for protecting student data as well as additional district requirements for privacy and security protection. 

To that end, SAU 24 is proud to partner with the NH Student Data Privacy Consortium. The alliance is comprised of school districts throughout the United States as well as state agencies, and policymakers who work collaboratively to address student data privacy concerns.