John Stark School District

JSD School Board

Chair Zach Lawson, Member Deb Urbaitis, Vice Chair Jill Dagenais, Member James Newcomb, Member Wendy Curry.

Missing from photo: Student School Board Members Natalie Lawson and Elizabeth Ackerly.

Geoff Forester Photography


  1. The Board will support an increase in student connections and positive relationships and the expansion of opportunities for John Stark students in academics and co-curriculars.
  2. The Board will promote activities that support John Stark’s core values of Respect, Regard, & Integrity.
  3. The Board will foster a communications strategy that promotes internal and external community engagement.
  4. The Board will approve a budget that meets the needs of the John Stark School District and takes into consideration opportunities developed through the SAU-Wide Resources and Planning Committee.