K-8 Report of Student Progress

Dear Parents/Guardians of K-8 Students,

As we approach the end of the first grading term of the school year, we would like to share with you some changes you will see in your child’s report card. These changes are intended to provide a simpler, cleaner report card while still providing meaningful information about your child’s progress.

Some changes you will see:

  1. Learning targets have been removed from the report card - they can be found in the K-8 Parent Guides. The guides provide detailed information about the learning targets that make up each competency.
  2. Revised K-5 Competencies - these revisions align with the state standards and increase consistency across grade levels.
  3. Revised K-5 Habits of Learning - a common rating system has been established across all SAU 24 schools.

You can find samples of each report card here. Our ultimate goal is to increase the quality of the information you have while also making the information easier to access. To that end, in addition to the report card revisions, we have also created K-8 Parent Guides that provide detailed grade level information about the competencies and corresponding learning targets that make up each competency. And finally, we have updated the K-8 Competency Based Learning Parent Guide that provides general information about Competency Based Learning in SAU 24.

During the Spring of 2022, we will hold a series of parent forums to get feedback on these changes and plan for future enhancements. We already know that we want to increase the use of the Parent Portal in PowerSchool as a way to provide real-time information between report cards. And there is excitement around the idea of digital report cards. Our long-term goal is to increase the effective and efficient communication of student progress towards mastery to students, parents, and the community as a whole. We look forward to your feedback on these changes. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher, the building principals, or Natasha Kolehmainen.