Electric Buses Launched Months Ahead of Schedule

kids getting off electric bus

Electric Buses Launched Months Ahead of Schedule

May 1, 2024 - Superintendent Coe proudly announces the deployment of four new electric buses into the SAU 24 fleet, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Bus Program. This milestone achievement comes months ahead of the initial schedule, marking a significant step towards sustainable transportation in the SAU.

Superintendent Coe highlighted the role of Student Transportation of America (STA) that made this award possible. “Our bus contractor, STA, pursued and was awarded the four buses on behalf of SAU 24. I am excited that these electric buses help us in our efforts to bring energy savings projects to the SAU," said Superintendent Coe.

Gregg Stinson, Vice President of Operations for Student Transportation of NH, expressed his enthusiasm when the awards were first announced. "STA has long been committed to achieving a greener environment with a goal of zero emissions. The EPA's Clean School Bus Program will undoubtedly help accelerate the industry's move to cleaner transportation options for students," stated Stinson. He further emphasized, “These grant opportunities enable school bus electrification to become more of a reality for providers and school boards alike, and students truly benefit from greener technology.”

The Clean School Bus program aims to prioritize districts serving low-income, rural, and Tribal communities, where the introduction of greener technology can have the most profound impact.