Kelli Purington: A 5-Year Veteran Sub at CWES

Kelli Purington: A 5-Year Veteran Sub at CWES
Photo Kelli Purington

“My favorite part of subbing is seeing kids every day and watching them go through the building from kindergarten to 3rd grade.  I get to see how they grow through the years,” commented Kelli Purington, a 5-year veteran Center Woods Elementary substitute teacher.

What prompted Kelli to switch careers from dental assistant to substitute teacher? “As a mom with two kids in the district, it makes so much sense. I drop my kids off at Weare Middle, finish getting ready for work, and head off to CWES. NO COMMUTE,” she exclaimed. 

When she gets to school, she checks the sub board to see where she is subbing for the day. She often wears many hats, covering multiple positions.  “I've joked with Principal Jess Potter that I’ve subbed for every position in this building except hers,” she laughed.

The flexible schedule is the prime reason Kelli stays on as a substitute teacher.  As a soccer mom who drives kids to games, the school works with her when she needs to leave early. "If I have an appointment or something else on a given day, I just let them know I can’t work that day," she said.

Kelli has had many offers to switch to a paraeducator role but likes the flexibility of being a substitute teacher.  Not committing to working every day gives her what she needs and wants as a mom with two kids in middle school. “If you have a sick kid or just want to work part-time, it is a great position within the district to work.”

“We’re like a family in this building," said Kelli. "I've learned great things from so many teachers. It’s just a fun environment to work in."

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