SAUniversity 24

What is SAUniversity 24?
SAUniversity 24 is a professional development program of SAU 24 including the school districts of Henniker, John Stark, Stoddard and Weare, NH. It was established in 2011 as an in-house opportunity for educators to participate in graduate level course work. The program is designed to provide professional development opportunities that are convenient, cost effective, collaborative, and meaningful. The courses offered will be focused on strategies identified in the SAU 24 Strategic Plan and district and school level goals ensuring the maintenance of a common language and knowledge base among SAU 24 educators.

Who can attend SAUniversity 24?
Any educator working at SAU 24 or any other K-12 school district can attend.

Where is SAUniversity 24 located?
Typically courses are offered in the SAU building located at 258 Western Ave, Henniker, NH.

Contact person for more information?
Cheryl Levandowski
Email: cheryl.levandowski
Phone: 603-428-3269 x230