Open Letter to the Community of Henniker

It is with grateful hearts that we write this letter to the Henniker community to thank all who supported the playground at the Henniker Community School. More than two years ago, deficiencies were noted on various pieces of playground equipment that our students were utilizing on a daily basis. Planning began for a replacement playground to correct the numerous issues. The community came together to raise funds for this important project beginning in March of 2015. At Annual Meeting in March of 2016, we asked the voters to approve a warrant article for $40,000 to supplement the extraordinary in-kind donations and fundraising efforts put forth by the community and PTA. The voters approved a warrant article for $80,000, to ensure a timely completion and to provide all of the elements requested, making the playground age appropriate for all of our students, pre-K-8 th grade.

With many community members offering their time, talent and expertise, in conjunction with the overwhelming fundraising by the Henniker Community School’s PTA and a generous offer of matching funds from Davis and Towle, the playground project was launched later that month. The community, as a whole, came together in early August and worked for more than three consecutive days to make the playground a reality.

We wish to thank the entire community for their support of this endeavor with special recognitions to:
Mr. Ben Fortner and Ms Kristen Cochran for their commitment to this project and leadership in the PTA, Davis and Towle for their matching grant of $20,000, Jon and Lucia Evans for their generous donation and for the Jeanne Daniel’s Memorial bench, a $2,000 grant from Iberdrola Renewables, and the Henniker Community School PTA for more than $30,000 in monetary donations and over 4,500 volunteer hours.

Mrs. Jennifer McCourt for her role as the project manager and her expertise in the planning and engineering of the project; Tom Patenaude, Bill Marko, Leo Aucoin, and Mitchell Aucoin for their generous contributions of time, equipment, and materials; to all those who gave of their time on the playground build weekend to lend a hand doing a myriad of jobs, and to the following local citizens and companies for their unwavering support:
Henniker Crushed Stone
Central Concrete
Dennis Lanphear/Stonefalls
Ayer & Goss
Harvester Market
Henniker Chamber of Commerce
Café Services
Michie Corp.
Renaissance Acres
John Routon Painting
Jim Nash
The Davis Family
Cousineau Woodchips

And a special thank you to our Principal Karen Raymond and Assistant Principal Matthew Colby for their consistent leadership and planning on the ground, which was critical to the success of this project.


Henniker School Board
Mrs. Deb Urbaitis, Chair
Mr. Zach Lawson, Vice-Chair
Mrs. Ellen Fioretti
Mr. Peter Flynn
Mr. Jim McElroy

SAU 24
Dr. Lorraine Tacconi-Moore, Superintendent 
Dr. Jacqueline Coe, Assistant Superintendent
Mrs. Kathleen Sargent, Business Administrator
Mrs. Sandra Pickering, Director of Student Services 
Dr. Gregory Reinert, Director of Technology