JSRHS Food Service Assistant

Food Service Assistant

John Stark Regional High School seeks a full-time Food Service Assistant. Duties include prep, cooking, serving, cashier operations and clean-up.

Please send a letter of interest, resume, and three recent letters of reference directly to the principal’s administrative assistant, Ms. Geri Lawton, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., along with an SAU 24 application for certified staff which can be found at Employment Application

Application deadline is August 15th or until filled.

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NHSBA Information

The New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) provides member school boards with training, support, advice, information, and other essential services to help school board members perform their very important jobs. 
Attached are a collection of documents from NHSBA.
NOTE: This material is copyrighted by NHSBA and posted with their permission.


What is documentation?
Documentation is any communicable material that is used to describe, explain or instruct regarding some attributes of an object, system or procedure, such as its parts, assembly, installation, maintenance and use.

Where can I get access to documentation?
All documentation for students and staff is stored in Google Docs.

How do I get access to documentation?
If you have a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account, then you can access the documentation via a shared drive.

Why is paper documentation or manuals not provided?
Procedures, hardware, and software application are always changing at the school. Basically a paper document quickly gets out of date. Therefore paper documentation is only provided on a limited basis. Online documentation has several advantages - easy to make a change, changes are documented in a change history log, only need to make a change on a single shared file, multimedia (video) can be embedded into the documentation, easy to search, and saves money by not using paper.

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InfoSnap FAQ

I never received a snap code for my child or I lost my snap code, what do I do now?
Snap codes will be emailed and/or mailed to parents/guardians of returning students prior to the first day of school to the primary email address and/or current residence provided by the family. Therefore please check your spam folder if you have not yet received it. If you have lost your snap code, then contact the school registrar.

If I have more than one student enrolling in the district do I need to complete a separate form for each child?
Yes. Each child will have specific information that is required – and each will have an individual, unique snap code – but you will be able to take the basic, shared information from the first child you register and copy that information over to each addition child you are registering. We recommend you complete one registration form and submit it and then begin another so that you may share that common information, thus saving you time.

Do I need more than one InfoSnap account?
No. You only need one InfoSnap account to register all of your students. By utilizing one account, some information may be carried over to each additional student you are registering.

What if some of the pre-populated information was wrong when I logged in to InfoSnap?
Correct whatever information is allowed to be changed. Note that some information cannot be changed online using Infosnap and will need to be changed in person at the school.

How long will it take to complete the online portion of the registration?
Typiclaly online registration will take approximately 30 minutes per child. If you need to step away, InfoSnap will save your session and you can resume later by logging back in. Save your snap code and password in a safe location.

What if I do not have access to a computer at home? Where can I go to register?
You may register at the local public library, Internet cafe, your work place or anywhere that has computers with Internet access.

If none of my child’s information changed, do I still need to do the online registration process?
Yes. In addition to the Health Information needed, there are several agreement questions that must be answered each year for your child’s health and safety, technology access, and participation in instructional programs.

I'm having trouble using the online registration system. Who should I contact for help?
If you are experiencing technical problems completing the online registration, please call InfoSnap Support at 866-752-6850. If you have a question related to specific registration questions and the registration process, please contact the school registrar.


InfoSnap Background & Access

What is InfoSnap?
InfoSnap is a provider of online admission and registration solutions designed specifically for Pre K - 12 schools. InfoSnap provides secure customized online forms based on the school system's existing registration processes.

Why use InfoSnap?
InfoSnap online registration enables families to enter and update student biographical data anytime using secure customized online registration forms, then delivers this data to the school's student information system PowerSchool.

What are the advantages of using InfoSnap?
InfoSnap makes the registration process simpler and more efficient for parents/guardians by reducing repetitive information entered on paper forms. It's more "green” then using paper forms. Using InfoSnap saves the school staff many hours of manual data entry. Online registration enables cost savings on paper and postage. It also allows the school to collect and process more quickly the annual registration of students.

How does InfoSnap work?
For a parent/guardian to complete or update their child’s InfoSnap forms, they need an access code known as a “snap code”. Once a parent/guardian has have the snap code they logon to the InfoSnap website and access the InfoSnap forms. The InfoSnap forms are pre-populated with data from the school's student information system PowerSchool. Parents/guardians only need to make changes or corrections to the forms.

How do I access InfoSnap?
Click here to access the InfoSnap website.


TECH TIP: Save Time Getting to InfoSnap
Will you be accessing InfoSnap on a regular basis?

If yes, then take the following steps to save you time in the future:
1. Copy-and-paste the follow address to your web browser address line:
2. Press the ENTER key to go to the web site.
3. Save the website in your web browser's bookmarks.

I have other questions about InfoSnap. What should I do?
Review the FAQ for InfoSnap.

SwiftK12 FAQ

What happen to Connect 5?
Blackboard Connect 5 was replaced with Alert Solution SwiftK12. The basic functionality and alerts (email, phone and SMS texting) remain the same for parents, teachers, and staff.

Why do I never receive a phone message from SwiftK12?

Verify with the school's registrar that the correct phone number is being called.

Why doesn't SwiftK12 leave a message on my cell phone?
Once your cell phone is answered either by a person or a voice messaging system, SwiftK12 begins playing the message. In order to accommodate greetings of varying lengths, the message is repeated up to four times. If your greeting is very long and the message is short, then you might not have the message recorded. The recommended solution is to shorten the length of your voice mail greeting.

How does the system distinguish a live person from an answering machine?
It doesn't distinguish a live person from an answering machine. Once your cell phone is answered either by a person or a voice messaging system, SwiftK12 begins playing the message. In order to accommodate greetings of varying lengths, the message is repeated up to four times.

Why doesn't the school's phone number appear on the Caller ID of my phone?
SwiftK12 passes the caller ID information to the local telephone carriers, but it is up to those carriers to pass it along to their customers. Furthermore, different local telephone companies process caller ID information differently. Some provide the name associated with the number, while others do not. For example, a telephone company may require an individual to subscribe to “Advanced Caller ID” in order to receive the school name along with the phone number. Unfortunately, we have no control over this feature.

Will the system call phone numbers with extensions?
No. The system only works with direct-dial phone numbers, and is unable to navigate menus or extensions.

I have a telemarketer screening device. How will that affect the call?
If a contact has a device on their telephone line designed to prevent automated phone systems from connecting (e.g. TeleZapper, privacy Manager, Privacy Director, etc.), they may not receive the call. For example, with Privacy Director all unidentifiable incoming calls are rerouted and the callers must identify themselves for the call to go through. Because our system is automated, it will not identify itself; thus the call will not get through to the recipient. For screening systems that are dependent on Caller ID's, recipients can authorize access for their school's phone number through their device. Note that calls identified with the school's number on the Caller ID generally have no trouble getting through Privacy Manager type systems.


What is SwiftK12?
SwiftK12 is an automated system used by the school for communicating with parents/guardians of students. Available methods of communication using the system are phone, email, and SMS texting.

How is SwiftK12 used?
SwiftK12 is used for emergency notifications and announcements. Emergency notifications include school closing, school delayed opening, school early dismissal, and emergency events (i.e. school lockdown). Announcements are used to communicate important information to parents/guardians - start of school, school events, etc.

How does SwiftK12 notify me?

  • For school closing, delayed opening, and early dismissal notifications you will received a phone call at your home/primary phone number.
  • For emergency notifications you will received a phone call at your home/primary phone number.
  • Announcements will be made to your home/primary phone number and/or sent to your preferred email address.

How does a parent/guardian subscribe to SwiftK12?
Parents/guardians must contact the registrar of the school via email or phone. You will need to provide the following information - full name of your child, preferred phone number, alternate phone number (optional), and preferred email address.

How does a parent/guardian unsubscribe to SwiftK12?
Parents/guardians must contact the registrar of the school via email or phone. You will need to provide the following information - full name of your child and indicate that you want to unsubscribe.

How do I update my notification information?
Parents/guardians must contact the registrar of the school via email or phone. You will need to provide the following information - full name of your child and the updated information (phone number and/or email address).

What if the phone line is busy or there is no answer?
The system will make up to three attempts to reach each phone number. If the message is not delivered by the third attempt, it is considered a failed number. Failures happen when a phone number is busy, disconnected, invalid, etc. If you are aware of a message that was delivered, but you did not receive a call, please contact the school registrar.

Having an issue with SwiftK12 not leaving a message or an incomplete message?
Check out FAQ for common questions and problems.

Have a question, suggestion, or comment about SwiftK12?
Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NWEA - What Can I Do to Prepare My Child?

What can I do as a parent?
Three kinds of parental involvement at home are consistently associated with higher student achievement:

  • Actively organizing and monitoring a child’s time.
  • Helping with homework.
  • Discussing school matters

What are some ways that I can help my child prepare for this test?

  • Meet with your child’s teacher as often as needed to discuss his or her progress.
  • Ask the teacher to suggest activities for you and your child to do at home to help prepare for tests and improve your child’s understanding of schoolwork. Parents and teachers working together benefits students.
  • Provide a quiet, comfortable place for studying at home.
  • Make sure that your child is well rested on school days and especially the day of a test. Children who are tired are less able to pay attention in class or to handle the demands of a test.
  • Give your child a well-rounded diet. A healthy body leads to a healthy, active mind.
  • Provide books and magazines for your child to read at home. By reading new materials, a child learns new words that might appear on a test. Ask your child’s school about a suggested outside reading list or get suggestions from the public library.

What are some ways I can help my child with language?

  • Talk to your child and encourage him or her to engage in conversation during family activities.
  • Give a journal or diary as a gift.
  • Help your child write a letter to a friend or family member. Offer assistance with correct grammar usage and content.
  • Have a “word of the week” that is defined every Monday. Encourage your child to use the new word throughout the week.
  • Plan a special snack or meal and have your child write the menu.
  • After finishing a chapter in a book or a magazine article, have your child explain his or her favorite event.

What are some ways I can help my child with reading?

  • Provide many opportunities for your child to read books or other materials. Children learn to read best when they have books and other reading materials at home and plenty of chances to read.
  • Read aloud to your child. Research shows that this is the most important activity that parents can do to increase their child’s chance of reading success. Keep reading aloud even when your child can read independently.
  • Make time for the library.
  • Play games like Scrabble, Spill and Spell, Scattergories, and Balderdash together.
  • Follow your child’s interest—find fiction and nonfiction books that tie into this interest.
  • Work crossword puzzles with your child.
  • Give a magazine subscription for a gift.

What are some ways I can help my child with math?

  • Spend time with kids on simple board games, puzzles, and activities that encourage better attitudes and stronger math skills. Even everyday activities such as playing with toys in a sandbox or in a tub at bath time can teach children math concepts such as weight, density, and volume. Check your television listings for shows that can reinforce math skills in a practical and fun way.
  • Encourage children to solve problems. Provide assistance, but let them figure it out themselves. Problem solving is a
    lifetime skill.
  • The kitchen is filled with tasty opportunities to teach fractional measurements, such as doubling and dividing cookie recipes.
  • Point out ways that people use math every day to pay bills, balance their checkbooks, figure out their net earnings, make change, and how to tip at restaurants.
  • Involve older children in projects that incorporate geometric and algebraic concepts such as planting a garden, building a bookshelf, or figuring how long it will take to drive to your family vacation destination.
  • Children should learn to read and interpret charts and graphs such as those found in daily newspapers. Collecting and analyzing data will help your child draw conclusions and become discriminating readers of numerical information.

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