On July 1, 2014, one-half of your deductible funds will be available for your use through a debit card or paper check. If you deplete these funds within the first six months, you must submit a Claim Recap to the SAU office in order to replenish your HSA account. Your Claim Recap is available to you in your Anthem Member account.

To register for an Anthem Member account:


·         Select Register Now and follow the prompts.

·         You can also access the step by step instructions in printable form from the SAU Staff Portal

Once registered you will be able to log in to view and print ‘Your Claim Recap’ (a sample is available on the SAU 24 Staff Portal) and ‘Your Quarterly Health Plan Status’.


To access your deductible, log in to your account, click on “Claims” then “Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Amounts” to access an up-to-date deductible balance report (Your Claim Recap.) Print this report and send a copy to SAU 24, in care of the Business Administrator, to request an additional deposit to your HSA prior to January 1, 2015.

After January 1, 2015 and upon receipt of a current ‘Your Claim Recap ’ your HSA account will be replenished to the full annual deductible.


Express Scripts – How to Access Your Prescription Benefits

Once you have created your Anthem Member account, you will be able to link directly to the Express Scripts secure site and may access the following features to help you manage your prescription benefit needs:

                Order refills by mail (Home Delivery)

                Check the status of recent orders

                Price medications and access plan information

                Print and download forms

                View opportunities to save money

To get started with Home Delivery (mail order), ask your doctor to fax your prescriptions directly to Express Scripts at 1-866-8856 on or after July 1, 2014.