Making a Donation
The school is grateful for any donation that supports learning and teaching. Individuals or groups contemplating a gift to the school
are encouraged to review the School Donation List or discuss with the principal what gifts are appropriate and needed.

Donation Details
Please be aware that:

  • Whether your donation is tax deductible or not is a matter of discussion between you and your tax preparation specialist or attorney.
  • The school is not responsible for assessing value of in-kind goods or services.  This is your responsibility as the donor.
  • All items donated must be reviewed and formally accepted by the School Board.  After donations have been accepted by the School Board a formal thank you letter will be sent.

School Donation List
A number of teachers in the school have identified projects they'd like to implement with their classrooms.

Teacher Project Name Implementation Date Donation Request Detail
      Donation of supplies for classroom project
      Fundraiser for school project (i.e. First Lego League | Under the Sea)
      Fundraiser for school trip (Washington, D.C.)
      Fundraiser for charitable cause (i.e. Natural disaster | Soles4Souls)
      Donation of digital subscription for library
      Donation of periodical subscription for library
      Donation of equipment (i.e. computer | calculators | balls)
      Donation to the school endowment fund
      Donation to a school scholarship fund

List of Donators
The school expresses its gratitude to the following people, organizations, and companies for their donations to the school.

Name of Donator Donation Description
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